alba tek/cel

Think about harnessing the energy that surrounds you with those who live around you.

Doesn’t it seem logical to power yourself with all that solar energy where you live?

And doesn’t it seem even more logical to do this hand in hand with your neighbours?


Think about going much further

Think of all the benefits
belonging to an energy community.

  • KM 0 energy

    Proximity is essential to avoid major transport and thus truly achieve KM 0 energy. This is why all our communities in urban and business environments produce their energy less than 500 metres away

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  • 0 emissions

    All energy generated and consumed by our communities has a Guarantee of Sustainable Origin (GoO).

  • Savings

    We ensure that all members of our Local Energy Communities (CEL in Spanish, TEK in Basque) save on their energy bills through the design of the installations and the purchase of energy.

  • Optimisation

    We want communities to be in control of their energy, which is why, through our apps, the CELs/TEKs themselves can optimise the performance of their installations and enable their members to make even better use of them.

  • Flexibility

    The communities are built to be permanent, although members have the freedom to leave the community whenever they want.

  • Transparency

    All community members need to be informed about the status of their CEL. Therefore, through an application, they will be able to obtain all the information about the CEL that affects their electricity consumption and the operational functioning of the Community.

  • Reliability and security

    Two essential values that Alba brings to all installations. These values are at the heart of all phases: implementation, maintenance and upkeep.

  • Community

    Our energy communities are the foundation for this transition. Energy that connects the people around you, not only to the same board but to a common goal.

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