alba circular

Think about being able to recycle everything. And by everything he means everything.

We know that society generates an infinite amount of waste. And although it seems inevitable, the most important step is to reduce it in order to minimise our footprint.

This is with always bearing in mind that we must take advantage of everything we cannot reduce and give it another life.

That is why, at alba circular, we take the power of the circular economy one step further. At alba, we generate value from the waste produced by society to reduce the footprint we leave on the planet. To do this, we collaborate by valuing and giving a second life to the waste collected by institutions.


Always thinking about giving things a second life.

What does alba circular consist of?
Second life

We give a second life to the elements we throw away in everyday life.

Reuse culture

We promote a culture of sustainability through the recycling and reuse of even the most unexpected materials and waste.

Impact 0

It mitigates the impact of our activities so that they do not affect the planet.


Think about transforming waste into useful things.

At alba circular we generate energy, such as recycled natural gas or hydrogen, which is then used to produce many things.

In turn, we collaborate with institutions to reduce our footprint on the planet. One example is that we are capable of generating building materials such as aggregates (sand) from waste and CO22.

In the future, we will even be able to capture the CO2 in the atmosphere in order to manufacture materials.

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