About alba

alba was created from Petronor, as a new company, yes, but also as a new way of thinking, for a new era.

alba thinks about energy initiatives, new alternatives, cooperation and communities.

It does not limit itself to a single category, because energy sustainability does not have one single solution.

alba is Petronor´s commitment to generating new sustainable energy. At Petronor, we know that there is no single path towards sustainability. That is why alba is not restricted to one category, because only if we change our consumption and production habits in all areas can we become truly sustainable.

This is why albaoffers a new way of relating to energy, where there is a sustainable alternative for every need. To accompany you and help you, in a holistic way, on your path towards more efficient consumption patterns.

Because at Petronor we know that in order to be sustainable and develop future energy, we have to transform ourselves.

Because where some see problems,
alba thinks of solutions.